Popular orange juices flavored with secret “flavor packs” not listed on the label

Popular orange juices flavored with secret “flavor packs” not listed on the label.

What happened to fresh squeezed orange juice? Well this article covers how even this simple beverage has been completely industrialized into something just tasting like fresh orange juice.  In the US, most of the juice is imported from Brazil, heated to pasteurize it, stored in giant vats devoid of oxygen for up to one year, then re-flavored with “flavor packs” made by chemical and fragrance companies to get it to taste fresh again.  And the companies are not required to disclose any of this information while still charging a premium for the “Not from Concentrate” claim.

Such a simple thing like drinking fresh juice shouldn’t be so complicated.  For most of human civilization, food was prepared fresh or preserved in a natural way, usually using salt.  We, as humans, have made it this far using these simple food storage strategies. We really do not need the complexity of this massive orange juice operation that, ultimately, is inferior and possibly harmful to humans and the world.

So, in other words, if you want fresh squeezed juice, then squeeze some fresh juice.  Otherwise, you could be drinking some mysterious laboratory-made substance that only claims to be fresh juice.


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