The “Cloud” can be the beginning of the “Matrix”

With all this recent talk and advertising about the “Cloud”, I can’t help but compare it to the “Matrix” that is portrayed in the similarly titled movie. This is a potentially dangerous development in regard to human privacy and communication.

The idea of storing your personal and sensitive information on a vast network with an unknown amount of databases organizing and storing and, no doubt, filtering and eavesdropping your information is absolutely ridiculous.  Have we really put so much trust into corporations?  After all, how do you think companies like Google make money?  They filter your behaviors down to what websites you visit, what you type, the content of your google docs, your email, translating your voice into text so it can be filtered and computed and then charging advertisers (and who know who else) for that info about YOU.

The fact that we have pretty much giving up our right to privacy in order to receive free online resources doesn’t go over very well with my gut.  You know the saying, “Nothing is free in life” has to be remembered in our conscious when we are using the computer.

How about some new claims that cell phones can record and upload conversations even when you not using the phone?  Yes, that’s right.  Who is protecting the American people?  Sadly, I think were on our own.

Living in a world that is not only always connected to the internet but dependant on the internet is a scary idea and I’ll explain why.  We lack the proper privacy laws that really protect our data, even from database search engines.  The internet is not given to us for free by our government; it always requires a monthly service charge.   So in a sense, it is a corporate imposed tax on the American people.  Now some tasks cannot be performed without a computer and an internet connection, for example, New York State sales tax payments cannot be performed now without the internet.  What?  That should also require that everyone knows how to use the internet and that the internet connection is free.  What about the older business owners, like barbershop owners and shoe repair owners, that now have to find some way to do this previously old task so the New York State tax department can lay-off more people in the  mail processing department and computerize the whole process to take-away any “human errors” in that may have occurred.   Guess what?  This new computerized “super efficient” system overcharged my account by $500 last year.  After wasting an hour on hold waiting to talk to a representative (result of more jobs that were lost), they told me it was a “computer error.”  The irony.     Oh, the irony.

When you see an opportunity to perform a task without the internet, try to do it, before we end up in a world where we are entrenched in the “cloud”.   Last that I recall, everything gets confusing and obscured in a cloud.  Things can be easily hid and manipulated from us.  Please pass along.


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