Sauerkraut is one Ancient Human Nutrient that is being recognised for it’s probiotic and vitamin content

The ancient foods that have largely disappeared from our diets are now starting to be “rediscovered” for their healthy properties.  Something as simple as real sauerkraut (not that chemical and mayonnaise-filled fake stuff) made with nothing more than sliced cabbage, a little sea salt and then covered in water for a week or so, is proving to be full of vitamins and probiotics.

We must apply some general common sense to the idea that our bodies have developed over time by eating relatively simple, unprocessed foods that are naturally found in the world.  This must also mean that our bodies are designed to thrive with these same foods. This is what I call Ancient Human Nutrients (AHN).  These Ancient Human Nutrients (AHN) are what provided the nutrition for our bodies to grow from babies to ultimately healthy  adults with reproductive lives.

Before the Industrial Revolution, pretty much all food was grown and made in a truly natural way that our bodies not only accepted but thrived with.  Now, it is hard to find food in the super market that is not a literal Chemical Experiment.  Slowly but surely, our food supply has been completely industrialized and standardized without regard for human nutrition or for the plants and livestock themselves.

It is a really simple formula for large corporations to make more money; 

Cut as many corners as you can get away with.

Yes, our food supply also follows this simple formula.  So that means the variable in the equation is what they are allowed to get away with.  That is up to me, you and to every human that would want to preserve the Earth for our next generations.  Please pass on.

Sauerkraut is so full of vitamins and probiotics that ancient sailors ate it on long voyages to stay healthy.



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