Caveman Diet May Be What Your Missing For A Healthy Life

The next time someone calls you a caveman, you should say “thank you”.

A study has been carried out which placed otherwise unhealthy people on a “caveman” type diet.  This diet consisted of lean meats and fish and fresh vegetables.  Missing were the carbs, pure sugars, salts, and chemicals that are found in Western diets.

Our bodies were designed for this type of diet.  The lack of nutrition and raw, pure foods from our diet is nothing short of a disaster as it leads to obesity and many other aliments and diseases that have ravaged our society.  The people who ate this diet, which is called the paleo-diet, lost weight, lowered their cholesterol, reversed some diseases and all in the matter of weeks!  This is a far cry than what is currently happening in most peoples lives.

Take for example the day of a typical office worker:  Wake up, shower and get dressed. Grab a quick coffee and maybe a breakfast sandwich (processed eggs, hydrogenated oils, refined sugars, chemicals, bleached GMO derived flour).  Then drive to work and endure typical morning traffic (Hydrocarbon pollution, stress, cursing?, disconnection from human activity, feeling of being locked in a steel and glass box, hopelessness as you think of being late and getting reprimanded or fired)   You then arrive to work and take a seat at you desk and work on you computer (that’s it…   just sit at your desk, hour after hour, starring at a screen that really has no connection to anything real or human). You take an occasional break from the relentless focus at the optical human manipulating device (computer) to go to the vending machine to get a snack (mostly everything in there is made of bleached flour, refined chemically made corn sugar syrup, salt and chemicals).   During  lunch, you can spend some money on the food court items (Some fresh food with mostly processed foods mixed in) or bring in a frozen meal for a quick, easy, cheap way to eat (highly processed, loaded with salt, chemicals, HFCS, and bad fats with very little nutrition).

After a couple more cups of mood-boosting coffee (God knows you wouldn’t feel like doing anything without it),  you endure the same traffic on the way home and then crash on the couch.  You flip on the TV because that’s what everyone is talking about at work and, besides, your tired and definitely aren’t up to working out or any other laborious task (that’s what you pay the housekeepers for) that might have gave you a decent workout.  Dinner time, what should you eat?  Pizza (Domino’s delivers) or Chinese (they always deliver) or BurgerKing  (maybe not because they DON’T deliver; that sucks!) or some frozen, prepared meal in the freezer (you can zap it in no time between commercials; nice!).   Frozen dinner it is (Well, you could always cook something if you actually knew how to cook, but you were too busy with you homework and friends to actually learn from your mom how to cook; priorities people, priorities please!).

After dinner (in front of the TV and you didn’t notice you also ate the whole bag of potato chips, damn, how did that happen),  you take your meds (doctor always know what best, right?)  and shower-up before bed.  As you try to fall asleep with the TV on (wow, that would be weird if it were off) your mind is racing and it won’t stop.  You got bills to pay, that office gossip thing is bothering you, that pain in your chest isn’t going away, you look terrible and feel terrible also, got to buy a new car soon because Jim just did, and you can’t let that happen, oh no, your the king of new cars.  Your tossing and turning and can’t sleep, but you have those pills you can take (that’s right! those knock  you out quick)  because it must be safe since you bought them at CVS (they wouldn’t allow something to be sold if it weren’t safe, right?).  Also, the FDA has the best interest of the people of this great county as their number one priority (the interest of being the sustainably sick maybe)

Now, this is a blown-out-of-proportion story of an average citizen’s day, but make no mistakes about it,  something similar is happening to most people. We need to return to Ancient Human Nutrients (AHN) and a simplified, logical lifestyle that respects our need to exercise the physical attributes that are designed into our bodies.  We are not robots that live, repetitive, controlled, manipulated lives.  We are human beings.  We are animals.


Michele Martone Jr

Rupert Shepherd B.Sc. “Eat Like A Caveman To Lose Weight.” Medical News Today. MediLexicon, Intl., 13 Nov. 2011. Web.
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Eat Like A Caveman To Lose Weight.


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