Is Laboratory Grown Meat our Next Great Invention?

The link at the bottom of this post is describing a very scary “development” in our food supply.   Meat grown in vast quantities in laboratories.

This is exactly what is being experimented right now in the Netherlands.  Strips of muscle tissue are grown in vats and then mixed with fat tissue also grown the same way which is then mixed to a ground meat consistency.  This sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie.

So this begs the question; Is this really necessary?  Have we ruined our world so much that this is the next step for humans to survive?

What I do know is that we are so focused on technological advancements to really see what the implications of our inventions and developments are.  Will we soon be fed a synthetic protein slurry as our only food supply because nothing else can grow naturally or a corporation has patented all food on Earth? (This would make Mosanto’s shareholders very happy)

Just as much focus must be done on preserving the old, ancient and original nutrition that is being wiped out of existence by our technological advancements.   GMO genes get passed along though the food chain, pesticides are developing super bacteria and bugs and synthetic chemicals are infiltrating every part of the world.   These are all things that are new to the human body which our ancestors did not have to deal with.  Sure, technology has cured and helped many people, but how many have also been hurt by it?  We know so much about our world, why wouldn’t we focus on what preserves it.

I would like to think that the beef I eat comes from a cow that was free to roam on a open range and had a relatively happy life.  Unfortunately, that is far from the truth.  The beef I eat may soon come from a huge vat of synthetic proteins mixed with cow stem cells and growth hormones and formed into a patty that finds it’s way to my Whopper.  Yum!  Have it your way.


Michele Martone Jr

Artificial hamburger meat successfully grown in vat of bovine fetal cells; You want some fries with that?.


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