Man Held for One Week in Jail for Selling Raw, Healthy Milk

James Stewart was held in L.A. County Jail under brutal conditions for selling milk.  James is a 65 year old gentleman who has “never even harmed a fly in my life” that was arrested without charges and subjected to starvation, raw sewage cleanup, sleep deprivation, verbal abuse, and denied the right to speak to his lawyer.  The interview is recorded in this video by Mike Adams from  James goes in to detail about his experience of being “lost in the system” in L.A. County Jail and how now he can no longer sleep at night without fear of being ransacked and jailed.

The crime was selling healthy, organic milk?  This sounds like BS but its not.  Since the milk was not pasteurized, they claimed he was harming the public.  Numerous studies and history itself have proven that not only is raw milk safe, but is also incredibly healthy to the human body. It is a healthy mix of live probiotics that help rids the stomach of unnatural bacteria that otherwise flourishes in the absence of our natural stomach flora (killed off by all of the antibiotics that are prescribed by doctors and found in our food)


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