Dioxins in our Food!

Dow Chemicals is looking to expand it’s use of a herbicide full of Dioxin, which is linked to cancer, hormone disruption, genetic mutations, neurological damage, Parkinson’s and birth defects in humans.  The herbicide, called 2,4-D,  uses the same chemical that was used in Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.

Dow is lobbying the EPA for additional approval for use on it’s patented GMO corn, soybean, and cotton crops.   Wow, as if genetically engineering a plant to produce it’s own internal herbicide wasn’t enough, now they want to douse it with a herbicide so powerful it will basically kill any plant on earth.

Then it’s shipped to the supermarket and we eat it .  Yum!  Can I have some extra dioxins, please?

sign the petition linked below;

We Have the Right to Know About Dioxins in our Food!.

RoundUp Monsanto Danger



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