Is your house too small? Probably not enough

Americans love big houses.  It’s the symbol of success.  The showpiece of our wealth.  The epitome of making it.

We dream of them.  Envy people who have them.  Even sign our names to them for thirty years just to get bigger one’s

But are they really better than small houses?

After all, once you buy a big house, you have to fill it up.  You can’t have empty rooms, right?  Thousands and thousands of dollars are spent on furniture, window shades, tvs, kitchen appliances, landscaping, painting, etc..   All that for a few people to live there.

But also consider the energy use of such a big house.  With energy prices constantly rising, we can’t always turn a blind eye to wasting energy that we seem to take for granted.  The larger the house, the more energy it will use. Not to mention all of the cheap, toxic materials now being used to build houses are definitely not healthy living environments.

While the Tiny Green Cabin featured in the video is a bit too small, it’s at least taking a fresh look at a big problem.  I think houses should focus on high quality earth-based materials with no off-gassing or contaminates and a well thought out design maximizing light, air flow and daily functions.  This also might prevent the owners from purchasing and storing otherwise unneeded crap that seems to accumulate over the years.  We all have some of those impulse purchases that were used only once and now just take up space.  If I had a smaller home I probably wouldn’t have bought any of them.  That means I wouldn’t have wasted my money and not further increased the Trade Deficit with China.

Well, maybe it’s a good time to clean out my closet.

…maybe, tomorrow.


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