GMO corn banned in Poland; cites health concerns, massive bee die-off

GMO process

GMO corn is not allowed to be grown, at least in Poland.

Yet in the US, Genetically Modified (GM) corn type MON810 is being grown all over the country.  And most likely you ate some today.  Yes, the GM corn with its own built-in pesticide that was genetically inserted into the DNA of the common corn plant.

Every part of the plant is toxic, yet it is being consumed by basically every American, every day, in one way, shape or form, whether its:

corn syrup (soda, juice drinks, packaged foods, candy)

corn starch (fast food, baked goods, Chinese food, packaged foods)

ethanol vapor (corn-based car fuel)

beer and alcoholic drinks (most American lagers, Mikes Hard, Seagrams)

animal feed (beef, chicken, farmed raised fish, pork)

Also, a recent long term study linked GM corn to tumors, infertility, cancer, total organ failure, premature death and DNA damage in standard laboratory rats, which are used because their bodies respond similarly to a humans body.

Poland has linked the corn to colony collapse disorder (CCD) in honey bees, which are crucial to all plants to reproduce.  It’s seems logical as to why the bees are dying; they gather pollen from GM corn plants that contain built-in pesticides.  That, in itself, kills the bees.  When a company inserts a toxin into a corn plant that is designed to kill a broad range of insects, it is safe to assume the corn is also toxic when consumed in high quantities by larger animals, such as humans.   Americans have a diet that is largely dependent on corn, yet in the US, corn is still king; with the likes of Monsanto running the industry.  The same company that produced and assured us that Agent Orange was safe! 

It appears that the rest of the world is slowly but surely banning GM corn and crops for health and environmental reasons.  In the US, however, the bioengineering companies are closely intertwined with our Government. And that adds up to a toxic relationship.

original article links below:
Poland beekeepers kick Monsanto out of the hive, successfully ban bee-killing GM corn.


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