Your bad vision may just be lazy eye muscles. Give them a workout. Easily.

Do you wear glasses?

Do you need glasses but putting it off until you can’t really see clearly anymore?

Did humans always need glasses?  Were people just walking around with blurred vision before glasses were invented?  The first pair of corrective eyeglasses were made in the 13th century in Italy.  Humans have been around for about 200,000 thousand years.  Did 75% of early humans need vision correcting lenses as is the case for American adults today?

Well, since the 13th century, BOOKS and WRITTEN LANGUAGES have increased globally.  Does this coincide with the increase of corrective lenses?  Perhaps people could still function properly without 20/20 vision.  I, for example, am nearsighted.  I have no problems during my daily routine until I have to READ something from a distance.  Then I put on my glasses and go the rest of my day with them on, in case I have to read something from a distance.  This then begs the question; does reading change your vision? After all, growning up I didn’t need glasses, I only started to need them at around age 15 after many years of reading.  Could it be related to the very narrow focus required for reading letters?  For most things in life, a quick glance is all that is necessary to identify something.  But reading requires minutes, if not hours of constant focus.  Does this damage your eyes focusing ability?  Growning up, they used to say if you made a funny face for too long it would become permanent.  Maybe that’s true for your eye’s ciliary muscles, the one responsible for focusing.

Has our modern society taxed the natural abilities of our eye’s to the point of permanent damage?  I don’t think Amazonian tribesmen are smacking their faces into trees as they chase prey through the jungle because they can’t see good.  Their eye sight is probably great.  I don’t recall ever seeing a tribesman on Discovery Channel wearing a new pair of $300 Giorgio Armani eyeglasses.

What if there was a way to workout your ciliary muscles?  Turns out there is: pinhole glasses.  The small holes force your eye to constantly refocus to find to see the clearest.  This gives them a much needed workout.  As you try to focus from close objects to distant ones, your ciliary muscles are using their full range of motion which will help your eyes to pinhole glassesregain lost focus range from years of depending on corrective lenses.  Of course, there are other eye conditions which can be the reason for your poor vision for which these glasses would be of little use.  But for the majority of people who just need corrective lenses because of lazy ciliary muscles that no longer fully focus your field of vision, these silly looking glasses may give your eyes the much needed workout they’ve been waiting for to break off that old rust and start to function properly again.

The full details on ciliary muscles and pinhole glasses can be found at this Natural News article.


Pinhole glasses instantly transform blurred vision into clear vision for astonished wearers who try them.