Artificial Sweetener Disease; The story of how sugar was replaced by a dangerous chemical substitute with supposed health benefits

artificial-sweetenersAspartame, sucralose, sorbitol, acesulfame-k, aspartic acid, and saccharine.

If the food you eat contains any of these artificial sweeteners, you may have just identified what has been making you sick.   Symptoms include fibromyalgia, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, muscle pain, chronic fatigue, arthritis and constant headaches.

Artificial sweeteners are now found in over 25% of all foods sold in the US.  What’s even more troublesome is many people consuming them think they are making a healthy choice by reducing calories in their diets, when in fact, they are causing havoc to their bodies.  It all started in 1981 when aspartame was approved after being banned for decades because of studies proving it carcinogenic.  Then, a suspicious line of events occur that leads up to it’s approval.  Ronald Regan consults with, then CEO of Searle Pharmaceuticals, Donald Rumsfeld, for the hiring of Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes Jr as the head of the FDA.  Soon after, Aspartame is approved and Searle and Donald Rumsfeld make a fortune with it under the brand name NutraSweet.  It is interesting to note Monsanto, considered by many the most inhumane company in the world, bought Searle Pharaceuticals in 1985.  Also interesting is the fact that NutraSweet was developed in 1965 but took an astounding 16 years to be finally coaxed into approval in 1981.

Donald Rumsfeld, yes, the same Donald Rumsfeld that concocted the still unproven Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destructions, was behind the approval of the first artificial sweetener even though it was, and still is, a proven carcinogen.  The patent for aspartame expired in 1992 which allowed competitors to flood the market to capitalize on the “Sugar-Free” craze that swept the nation. Until 1996, Aspartame was not cleared by the FDA for use in anything that was heated or cooked, as it became unstable and slightly toxic.   Searle was later bought by Pfizer in 2003.

The first use of the term “fibromyalgia” in a scientific journal was in 1981; also the first year aspartame was approved for consumption. The “disease” is still a mystery to many health professionals but has been heavily linked to artificial sweeteners. The ratio of females to male with fibromyalgia is 9:1. Many more women consume sugar-free foods and beverages than males do, hence the disproportionate ratio.  Current medications for treating fibromyalgia include Pregamblin under the brand name Lyrica, approved in 2007, made by none other than Pfizer. Sales topped $3 billion in 2010.  The ultimate example of creating a problem and a cure.

Artificial Sweetener Disease; a new breed of sickness.


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