Hemp seed oil: The new healthy oil full of EFAs

Have you had your hemp seed oil today?

Hemp was one of the first cultivated crops in recorded history.  The oil that is pressed from the hemp seed is extremely healthy for the human body.  The decline in hemp seed oil consumption perhaps comes from the rise of the Western diet and the belief that it contains THC, which it does not.  What it does contain is the optimal balance between Omega 6 and Omega 3 EFA’s, essential fatty acids.   The Western diet is industrialized for maximum efficiency and most raw, natural foods were pushed-out by highly processed long shelf-life reduced nutrition chemical laden disease causing “food”.   The good news is real foods are slowing making a comeback in our diets after a long sad departure.

Of course, we’ve all been hearing how Omega 3 fish oil is great for our body and that we should be eating more fish that contain high amounts of it, like salmon. Unfortunately, lots of fish, especially farm-raised fish, contain high amounts of mercury and other toxins that are added to their food or now found in our polluted oceans.  That’s what makes hemp seed oil a great alternative to fish oil.

Hemp seed oil contains up to 80% EFAs which is highest among all plant sources.  It also contains vitamin D (the only plant source that contains it), and is also a powerful anti-inflammatory.  You can also apply it to your skin as a conditioner and as a natural sunscreen.

The same rules apply to hemp seed oil as they do when buying extra virgin olive oil, the higher the quality, the better.  Look for unrefined oil only; if its clear and light in color or in a plastic bottle, don’t buy it.  Look for a slightly cloudy, dark-colored oil in a glass bottle.  You can use it in a similar matter as extra-virgin olive oil, heck  just mix it together and add it your salads or toasted bread.  I’m gonna try myself a piece now.


Hemp seed oil: The new healthy oil.