New Zealand woman’s Coca-Cola habit blamed for her death

On Natural Health News,  A woman has recently died at the age of 30 with no apparent causes except that she was on a steady diet of 8 liters of Coca-cola a day.  Also she was a 30-a-day smoker as well.  Coca-cola is now being considered the cause of her death.  She suffered from an extreme lack of potassium which coca-cola is known to strip from the body.  Her liver was also extremely damaged from excessive soda intake.  This all resulted to a heart-attack for this poor woman.

Her partner said she was so addicted she would keep a bottle next to her bed and drink it as soon as she woke up.

At the rate of 8 liters a day, that equals over 400 grams of sugar (really, high-fructose corn syrup, which is way worse) or just about one pound.

Also she drank the caffeine equivalent of 12 espressos.  You can read the whole article here

Do doctors really know best?


New Zealand woman’s Coca-Cola habit blamed for her death.